Bhramaram - Review

Director Blessy has teamed up with Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in the movie Bhramaram. Although he has selected a simple story, he seems to have brought out lots of emotions, fabulous frames and some haunting moments. If he had a taut script, the movie could have been even more interesting.

The movie Bhramaram is about an illiterate jeep driver, whose character is unpredictable and changes from time to time. After long time Mohanlal has appeared in a jeep drivers get up, which seems to be totally different. His power-packed performance is the real strength of the film.

Bhramaram is based on revenge, but director Blessy has failed to keep on the mood as the film progresses. The film lacks a concrete story. In the second half everything seems to be going out of control. It seems to be a road movie with the second half almost fully a journey and what happen in between.

The first half is a little dragging and it bores the audience, but the second half with its action and F1 race sequences makes them tighten their seat belts. Although there are some unnecessary fight scenes, the action scenes have been brought out pretty well.

Sivankutty (Mohanlal) comes to meet his childhood friend Unni (Suresh Menon), who fails to recognise him. Sivankutty introduces himself as Jose and later becomes friendly with his kid. The rest of the story revolves around flash back, which will form the core of the movie.

Mohanlal has delivered excellent performance; especially in action scenes, his expressions are quick and effective. Bhoomika appears in a very few sequences. She does not suit the role of Mohanlal’s wife, instead she looks like his daughter. Comedian Suresh Menon and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy could have been more effective with better dubbing. Muralikrishnan has done wonderful job as Alex.

Mohan Sithara’s music is melodious and it can be rated as average. The song 'Annarakanna Vaa…' is another highlight of the film. Ajayan Vincent’s camera work adds to the mood of the story in a huge way.

Bhramaram is a voyage movie with great performance

Director: Blessy
Producer: Raju Mallyath and Sulfikar
Music Director: Mohan Sithara
Cast: Mohanlal, Bhoomika Chawla, Suresh Menon, VG Muralikrishnan, Jayalakshmi, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Baby Niveditha, and Madan Babu

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